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Staff Directory

Rogers International School Staff Directory

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Name Title Phone
Ms. Cathleen Cummings Principal 4562
Dr. Reina Costanzo Assistant Principal 4564
Ms. Yessica Cortes

Office Support Specialist

Ms. Barbara Tate

Office Support Specialist

Miss Mirza Martinez - Pinto Parent Facilitator 155G 7949
IB Room 5358
Conference Room 5264


Name Title Other
Miss Jacqueline Waters Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Costello Teacher
Mrs. Diana Armstrong Teacher
Miss Kate Fox Teacher

Grade 1 Team

Name Title
Miss Brett-lyn Robustelli Teacher
Mrs. Kelly O’Meara Teacher
Mrs. Kristi Munrow Teacher
Mrs. Atara Capalbo Teacher

Grade 2 Team

Name Title
Mrs. Gina Muhlbauer Teacher
Mrs Lisa Fiori Teacher
Mrs. Amanda Schlitten Teacher
Mrs. Lindsay Giarratano Teacher
Mrs. Caryn Bach


Mrs. Stacey Leydon


Grade 3 Team

Name Title Other
Mrs. Elizabeth Alter Teacher Blog
Mrs. Cara Denison Teacher Website
Miss Rebecca Siwicki Teacher
Mrs. Brittany Smegal Teacher

Grade 4 Team

Name Title Other
Miss Kaitlin Stannard Teacher
Mr. William Burdick Teacher
Miss Jennifer Ambrogio Teacher
Miss Siobhan Kilcoyne Teacher Blog

Grade 5 Team

Name Title Other
Mrs. Rosemary Bevill Language & Literature Teacher Blog
Mrs. Maryann Pasqua  Approaches to Learning Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Brown Mathematics Teacher Blog
Mr. Doug Hamm Inquiry Teacher

Grade 6 Team

Name Title
Mrs. Gina Wilson Language & Literature Teacher
Mr. Michael Argenio Individuals & Societies Teacher
Miss Mandi Leale Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Stephen Staley Sciences Teacher

Grade 7 Team

Name Title Other
Mr. Christopher Harrison Sciences Teacher
Mrs. Yvette Wynne Language & Literature Teacher
Mr. Robert Cody Individuals & Societies Teacher Website
Mrs. Marcella Barrios

Mathematics Teacher

Grade 8 Team

Name Title
Mr. Matthew Wagner Language & Literature Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Malave

Individuals & Societies Teacher

Ms. Patricia Saffa

Mathematics Teacher
Mrs. Tracey O'Neill Sciences Teacher - GLL

Special Education Team

Name Title Phone

Mr. Ron Levinsky

Miss Kristin Schmid Teacher

Mrs. Megan Jones

Mrs. Kristin Keyes Teacher 4581

Mrs. Sara Stevens


Ms. Katie Benedito

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Michelle Sagdati

Physical Therapist

Inquiry Facilitator Team

Name Title Phone Other
Mrs. Virginia Maher IB & PYP Coordinator 6686

Mr. Timothy Foley

MYP Coordinator 4781

Mrs. Kathleen Fox

Literacy Specialist


Miss Sharlene Turner

Literacy Specialist

Miss Danielle Pasqua

Instructional Support Teacher 4569
Mrs. Samantha Spielman Literacy/Numeracy/SRBI Specialist


Mr. Christian Witschy

IB Design Specialist


Mr. Peter Kinahan Technology Integration and Support Specialist 4566

Child Study Team

Name Title Phone Other
Miss Teresita Corrigan Speech Pathologist


Mrs. Katherine Vandall

School Psychologist 4903

Mrs. Jennifer Argenio

Lower School Social Worker

4565 Blog

Ms. Lauren Giannattasio

Upper School Social Worker


Language Acquisition Team

Name Title
Mrs. Yulin Tsao Mandarin Teacher
Mr. Fabian Reino Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Ivette Fox

Spanish Teacher

Art Team

Name Title Other
Mrs. Laurie Ferrante Art Teacher
Mrs. Kristen Delmonico Art Teacher

Music Team

Name Title Other

Mr. Joshua Sette

Music Teacher (Strings)

Mrs. Ariana Tullai

Music Teacher (Band)  

Mrs. Christina Sinaguglia-Ward

Music Teacher

Physical Education Team

Name Title Phone Other
Ms. Matthew Cerruto P.E. Teacher 4930

Mr. Nicholas Ambrogio

P.E. Teacher 4930
Mrs. Christine Nealy Wellness Coach

English Language Learners Team

Name Title
Miss Michele Helms ELL Teacher


Name Phone
Miss Sheila Glenn (203) 323-0681
Miss Marjorie Leclerc (203) 323-0681

Health Team

Name Title Phone
Mrs. Taylor Joyce, R.N.

School Nurse

Mrs. Toni Parlanti, R.D.H.

School Dental Hygienist



Name Title Phone
Mrs. Liz Buzzeo Team Leader


Custodial Staff

Name Title Phone

Mr. Robert Malcolm

Head Custodian 4571
Mr. Joseph Singer Lead Custodian
Mr. Kevin Houser Custodian
Mr. Derrick Coleman Custodian

Paraeducators Team

Name Title
Mrs. Kim Caruso

Kindergarten Paraeducator

Mrs. Kathy Mancini Kindergarten Paraeducator
Mr. Rashawn Hill

Special Education Paraeducator

Mrs. Linda Uva

Special Education Paraeducator

Miss Vicky Wash

Special Education Paraeducator

Mrs. Frances Gerety

Special Education Paraeducator

Mr. Josue Jasmin

Grant Paraeducator

Mrs. Georgia Colacurcio Kindergarten Paraeducator
Mr. Eduardo Guerrero Special Education Paraeducator